Beach Basics by Lisa Burney

Beach Basics by Lisa Burney

I like to drape a beach towel over my beach chair but it is a constant battle to keep it from blowing away or falling down into my seat. After re-adjusting my beach towel for the umpteenth time, an idea so simple and so basic popped into my head. What if I made the towel into a chair cover?  So I did… 

Beach Chair Cover with Pocket
Wind resistance testing on a yellow flag day.
I made a set for my entire family! When my beach buddies saw them, they told me I was on to something and should make and sell them.  Not only my first  customers for the Basic Beach chair cover, they became instant volunteer marketing and design consultants. Daily meetings on the beach, beta-testing the originals followed. 

After a summer "beta test" of the original designs, we discovered my creations are not only functional as all get out, but soft, lightweight and durable. Plus, you can wash and dry a bunch of them in half the time it takes to wash a regular beach towel. 

And I'm thrilled to share that wind resistance testing, done on a yellow caution flag day, proved the beach chair may blow over but the beach chair cover hangs on!

The next summer, my volunteer marketing and design team met (on the beach, of course) and came up with a most creative and functional addition to my basic beach chair cover design. We added a strategically placed cellphone or sunglasses pocket. Added to the upper left hand side, this pocket makes retrieving and stowing your cellphone, iPod, sunglasses, reading glasses or bottle opener a quick and easy gesture. And if you like to listen to music on your iPod or phone, your device is right beside you, safe and secure. How cool is that? 

Beach Chair Cover with pocket
School of Fish - $25
This winter, I've been sewing and thinking up new designs.  I'm also experimenting with contrasting and mismatched beach chair covers with pockets. 

This spring, I consigned several dozen to two local gift shops. I'm not surprised everyone wants the smart device pocket designs, so I added  pockets to the ones without to keep up the gift stores' inventory. I am delighted to hear they are selling. Lots of the gift store customers order them monogrammed. 

Beach Chair Cover with funky pocket;
Fishy $25
Every Beach Chair cover is 100 percent cotton and a one of a kind original, so if you like what you see contact me right away before it's gone. They make great gifts for graduation, birthdays and beach house hosts.

If you want a unique gift for the beach bum in your life, email me at and I will send you more pic's of what's available. 

Beach Chair Cover with pocket
I love this coral sea horse. $25
Beach Chair Cover with pocket
Butterfly away - $25
Beach Chair Cover with pocket
Starfish and Fish - $25 
Beach Chair Cover with pocket
One for the boys! $25
Sea Stripes $25 SOLD! 

Red Lobsters - $25

Go Ahead - Google it!