Who IS this blogger?

If you've just stumbled upon Free Fallin' for the first time, you are probably wondering,

"Who IS this blogger?"

I wonder the same thing more often than I should and the answer changes about every decade or so.

I'm a self-professed jack of all trades and master of absolutely nothing.  It's how God made me!

By nature, I would rather try something new, work at it until I'm pretty good at it, then move on to something else.

  • I started cooking in 5th grade. My first meal was broiled chicken for a family of seven. There's only two of us now, but I still tend to cook for seven people, so I've got tons of left-overs recipes!
  • I began my writing career in 4th grade. My first novel is unfinished and still in my parent's attic. I switched to journaling when I turned 16. My girlfriends have pledged to burn my journals if I die before I get it done. They know I will haunt them if they don't.  
  • I began to sew in sixth grade. For a while I made most of my own clothes. I stopped when my husband put his foot down and said his boys were not going to wear kelly green gabardine rompers.  Since then I limit my sewing projects to anything but clothing. 
  • I learned to sail at summer camp when I was 13 years old.  I sailed non-stop until I got pregnant with my son, Chris. I've tried to get my family interested in the sailing, but they prefer golf. Sigh. 
  • While at UNC-Chapel Hill, I switched my major about five times, then landed in the School of Education where I discovered I am a teacher. I taught Elementary school and earned a masters in Reading from NCSU, then resigned after seven wonderful years in the classroom. 
  • While studying to become a Real Estate Broker, I became a professional wallpaper hanger.  I still have the triceps from my year in the building business.
  • I was a Real Estate Broker, then Corporate Relocation Specialist for the next decade.
  • Then God called me into ministry. He asked me to serve as the interim Director of Children's Ministry at my home church.  Finally, I found what God wanted me to do for the rest of my life!  

All my other passions and vocations lasted no longer than a decade, I'm in deep into my second decade of Kidmin (Children's Ministry). Because I keep learning and changing as I grow deeper in service to God,  I'm STILL a jack-of-all trades and master of nothing.

  • I've volunteered and been on staff in four local churches varying in size from very small and cosy to bursting at the seams. 
  • In 2004, I became an independent consultant for Group Publishing Company of Loveland, Colorado.  I'm serving and training others in Children's Ministry wherever Group sends me.
  • Recently, I stepped out of a staff position at a local church to explore why God told me to resign. (Don't roll your eyes at me! He TOLD me to step out. It sounded crazy to me at the time, too.)
  • Now, two years later, I'm learning to minister outside the walls of a local church setting by writing for, consulting with and encouraging others in ministry to children and families. 
  • Not actually part of my plan, I'm learning to serve my family as an "almost full-time" wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and homemaker.  I NEVER thought I'd feel fulfilled in this role, but I totally AM loving it.
And I think you realize by now, I could use a good editor to cut my blogs down to size, so thanks for caring enough to read this far. 

My name is Lisa Burney and I'm always…free fallin'.

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