Monday, December 29, 2014

Too busy to blog…

The last few months I haven't written a single post and it was time well spent.

Don't think for one minute I'm going to give you a litany of all the things I've gotten accomplished while away from my keyboard. It is not because I'm too humble to brag, because I'd be lying. Blogging  lends itself to bragging and seeking attention. I blog therefore I probably am.  

I haven't posted since September because for once in my life, I threw off the shackles of obsessive "doing" and spent a lot of more of my time getting used to the idea of simply "being".

…being with friends and family.  I've had more "me" time to re-energize my inner introvert so when I am with my "peeps" I've been told I appear more relaxed. My guess is that makes me more approachable. At least, I hope so.

…being a voracious reader for fun. I read the latest best selling novels, historical novels, and older novels I wanted to read when they came out, but watched the movie instead to save time. I even began re-reading a biography I enjoyed reading last year.  Reading a book twice always seemed like a waste of precious time better used for my never ending "To-do" list. I must admit revisiting a book felt delightful indulgent at first, but I'm over it.

…being a helpmate to my husband. After 35 years of working full-time and partnering with my hubby, I backed off to part-time consulting. Over the past two years, I learned to be his helpmate. For someone used to being "large and in charge" with an ego to match, this new way of "being" works better than I ever thought it would.

…being satisfied with less stuff. I recently sold a bunch of my clothes to a consignment store and gave away even more. I wouldn't say I'm downsizing. I simply don't feel I need as much stuff.  I still have way too much stuff, but it's a start.

I still have plenty of projects, to-do lists, work related responsibilities, chores, challenges and even the normal number of set backs to manage.  I discovered focusing on "being" instead of "doing" helps me run my life rather than letting my life run me.

I am praying I can keep "being" AND blog.  Wonder how that will work for me?

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