Saturday, September 27, 2014

What I'm doing while NOT at Kidmin 2014

Kidmin 2014 is in full swing in Columbus, Ohio, but alas, I am not attending this year.  I'm bummed and disappointed, but I will survive.

To keep regret and depression at bay, this is what I'm doing while NOT at Kidmin 2014. I am…

  • finding comfort in the "Miss you!" messages from the friends I made while attending past Kidmin Conferences and serving on the Kidmin Inside Track team.  The Facebook pics are precious to me. 
  • preparing and enjoying dinner al fresco on the deck with family instead of dining at the Hyatt. 
  • praying for those attending for the first time - that they make as many connections as I did at my first Kidmin. I hope I get to meet you at Kidmin 2015!  
  • Washing my hair.  Washing my mass of thick hair is an ordeal, so please don't judge. ;-) 
  • I am praying throughout the day for the Key Note speakers, presenters, workshop leaders and behind the scenes volunteers. Yeah, I wish I was there to glean encouragement and insights from your leadership and hang out with some of you during breaks, but I know you are pouring yourselves out for my Kidmin colleagues and that makes me smile. 
  • writing this blogpost instead of taking notes. 
  • preparing for a Raleigh Premiere night of Thom and Joani Schultz's film, "When God Left the Building" If you're in Raleigh, October 2nd, please come. 
  • reorganizing my laundry room. Yeah, that's so lame.
  • attending the Christening for my great-nephew, Liam.  I wouldn't miss this special dedication to the Lord for the world! 
  • playing "Dots".  I'm on level 136 and determined to reach 200 without spending any money. 
  • sleeping eight hours a night.  If I were at Kidmin, I'd be lucky to squeeze in six! 
  • nursing a bruise on my arm from the flu shot. Since I was NOT in a workshop or leading a Connect Group, I had time to get my flu shot. 
  • putting reminders all over my iCal to sign up for Kidmin 2015.  I will NOT miss out again! 

So, if you, like me, are a Kidmin missing out - What are YOU doing while NOT at Kidmin 2014?

Here's to seeing YOU at Kidmin 2015!

Go Ahead - Google it!