Monday, September 15, 2014

My season of change creating change.

This morning, I chuckled as I read the nature of cause and effect King Solomon describes in Ecclesiastes 3. And with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Turn, turn, turn"  running through my mind, it hit me how naturally change creates around us and in us.

My summer has been a season of change creating change.

It all started with a new deck.  Our 40 year old deck had structural issues and needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Several years ago with a deck rebuild in mind, we hired a landscape architect to design the deck as part of a full landscape plan.  My reasoning was, the more you plan ahead the less mistakes, changes and added expenses you will have.  Yeah, right.

Sitting here on my beautiful new deck, I still think the landscape plan was a good idea, but I learned even with careful planning against it, one change, no matter how well it is planned, inherently create more change.  I assure you the avalanche of changes which left me deep in a season of change creating change was not my the plan!

The unexpected changes to the deck footings, deck layout and size of the final project were very positive changes, but every one of those changes created obstacles and challenges which required unexpected and problematic changes. 

  • The concrete slabs and drainage systems we installed as part of the original landscaping plan looked like blood red swiss cheese after the code required deck footings were installed. The drainage work will all have to be redone and slabs back filled and power washed. 
  • The displaced pea gravel, sawdust and red clay left from digging the footings and general deck construction turned our side yard into a mud hole. We're still digging out. 
  • My beautiful mundo grass was buried under mounds of clay and gravel and choking to death. We spent an entire afternoon raking it away to save what we could. 
  • The new deck is only one foot deeper than the original design, but we still had to relocate both the chain link gate as well as rebuilt the front wood fence and gate.  It also means we will have to tear up then redirect the stone pathways.  (That's one back breaking job I'm NOT looking forward to doing!)
  • The new deck exposed unpainted siding and after a successful paint matching job (thanks Home Depot) we only had to feather in and paint the virgin siding - a little change but another unanticipated chore. 
Putting the deck furnishings and lighting back onto the new deck aren't really changes, but doing so  inspired us to update and upgrade. 
  • The new graceful and multilevel deck inspired me to purchase new cushions, new plants and planters and replace worn out deck equipment. 
  • While reinstalling, my husband made a few changes and improvements to his ingenious deck level garbage and recycling container opening system. (He cleverly hid the ropes and pulleys out of sight.) 
  • We didn't want to trash up the new deck with the old storage totes, so we had a storage room built in the backyard. Seriously, like painting the walls after buying new carpet, what used to look OK instantly looks shabby in comparison to the new. We just had to do it! 
Yep, if I learned anything this summer, I learned change not only creates change, but it opens us up to inviting and anticipating change in other areas of life. 
  • My daughter-in-law's brother finally accepted our invitation to move in with us.  Having a young person living with us again is a positive change.  For one thing, I can't imagine doing without his help with the chores the new deck created!  He's a hard worker and eager to pitch in where needed. 
  • We've known for a while our oldest son and his wife plan to relocate back to the triangle, but were surprised when our son secured a job, not only in his field, but right in his wheel house! We welcomed change when he moved in with us last week. 
  • We pray for and look forward to my daughter-in-law landing her dream job and moving home. A full nest and full driveway will be yet another big change, but one we welcome. 
But even the full house won't be for long. I know change continues to create change.  My son and his wife will purchase a home of their own. Our young tenant will eventually begin to step out into his new life and my life will change again.  

 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."Ecclesiastes 3:1

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