Sunday, January 12, 2014

From Dubai to Dad

I'm far from a poet, so bear with me my friends. 
It's heartfelt, it's awkward, not for you but for my Dad.  

With love, Lisa 

From Dubai to Dad

Back from Dubai and deep in slumber
jet lag is waning as I try to recover.
Phone is ringing it's three in the morning.
dad's rushed via ambulance it's bad it's alarming.

Prepare for waiting room limbo and bedside vigils.
Send out Facebook messages and take a short shower,
Eat something, sip coffee and wish I was there.
Calm brings on focus and I know its from prayer.

Power up iPad, cellphone and Mac
cramming all in my bag but no room for the Mac.
Slapping on makeup to hide my fatigue
I head off to the Hill feeling feelings I fear.

Family gathers around the emergency room bed
oh what joy to feel love coming down and around.
In times of crisis all walls come down
questions of life are unwelcome, unreal and profound.

While doctors struggle to read what was sent
of fuzzy CT scan and incompatible disc.
Now diagnosis pending and surgery on hold
we're confused and encouraged, but on shaky ground.

ICU Waiting room attendant detached
but gracious couple's orientation is kind and exact.
Offering an extra chair for mom's bags by her side
we settle in to wait for what might arise.

Thirsty but not hungry
others go eat.
Too anxious to nibble
just water to drink.

Finally a white coat appears at dad's curtain
he's going to be fine and shocker- they're certain.
Rush to share morsels of medical jargon
so foreign I garble the complete explanation.

Texting and texting for prayer and updates
as cellphone trembles, dings and click-clicks.
Frustrating dropped calls and undelivered text
searching for signals, please give me a break!

Down long corridors and courtyards drenched in rain.
Sharing the good news with family, then friends.
From crisis to normal they're sending him home.
Not now, maybe later, overnight, Wait's too long.

Finally packing and ready to go
a new explanation - diagnosis turned round.
No worries, no matter, he's still doing fine.
Puzzled but pleased. "Dad, let's get out of town."

It's raining, it's dreary yet we're making good time!
Rains until Greensboro then God's light shines around.
The sky becomes bright, clouds brushed with bright colors
We're bathed in God's blessings and Dad's crisis is over.

Go Ahead - Google it!