Monday, November 25, 2013

Coaching for Life - A Movement on the Grow

The tall fellow in the bright yellow, fifth from the left, is Master Trainer, Nkosinathi Sixabayi. He is  standing with 25 High Level Coaches from the Johannesburg area of South Africa.

Coaching for Life - A Movement on the Grow

Each person in the photo above is holding a copy of Coaching For Life, a Gospel-based football (soccer) curriculum.   Coaching for Life is a publication I helped create as a member of the 2012 Ubabalo/One Hope writing team. The team met in Stellenbosch, South Africa to begin the project and went to press months later with the title "Coaching for Life".   

Today, the publication and many other sports ministry tools are available for free and utilized to share Jesus with children and youth in more locations than I can count in countries around the world.  It is a movement of Christ-followers and it is on the "grow". Check out Coaching for Life and other Gospel teaching and coaching tools through the links below: 

Whole Life Coaching Resources      


My limited mind still struggles to quantify the ministries and individuals involved, understand how it works and count how many find Jesus through sports.  The photos I receive, like the one above, of one day in one country help. They remind me training events like this are happening all over the globe sending coaches out into communities in every corner of the world.  

This January, Coaching for Life is on the "grow" again!  This time the Ubabalo/One Hope team will meet to begin writing a Coaching for Life curriculum for Cricket. 

I'm thrilled to be involved, but writing for Cricket to be a growing experience for me!  It is no surprise I don't know a wicket from a paddle, but I agreed to serve without question. It's a stretch, but I expect God will help me grow into it. 

I know less about Cricket than I do about football, (even the American version), so I'm trying to learn as much I can before we get started.  Thanks be to God, I met a few Cricket fans while at Kidmin 2013 who graciously and patiently quizzed me on the basics without laughing at my ignorance of this noble and complicated game.  Thanks to those interactions, I understand Cricket is one of the hardest games to master with fans as passionate about Cricket as I am about College Basketball. Thank God, the writing team includes Cricket coaches! 

Please pray with me for God's protection as team members travel to the writing workshop this January. Pray we will hear and faithfully follow God's will for this writing project. 

 If you want to know more, I blogged all about the 1st Ubabalo/One Hope adventure - see the 2011/2012 archives in the right margin. 

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