Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kidmin 2013 - Why I deleted my last post.

I just finished writing a blog post about whether or not Kidmin 2013 met my giddy over-the-top expectations.  It was full of details about my personal experiences, joys, insights and highlights.

Then I deleted it.

Why? Because if I was reminded about ANYTHING at Kidmin 2013, it was this.


  • Kidmin 2013 is not about me.
  • Children's Ministry is not about me, the children or the parents. 
  • Church is not about me, the Senior Pastor, staff, members or the building.

  • It is about His great love for his people.
  • It is about His son Jesus who came to earth to teach us of God's love.
  • It is about sharing God's love with others. 


While suffering a time of confusion about this, a wise man reminded me...
  • It is not about me. 
  • It is not about them.
  • It is about Him. 

And that is why I deleted my last post.   Thank you, Kidmin 2013.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kidmin 2013 - My giddy over-the-top expectations

Group's Kidmin 2013 Conference in Columbus, Ohio is only days away.  I'm trying to control my excitement about connecting with my Kidmin peeps - the ones who "get me".  Unfortunately, I'm losing control of my expectations.  I've moved past psyched and quickly approaching giddy!

In my own defense, Kidmin Conference is the one weekend of the year, I get quality time to play, laugh, study, pray, worship, laugh, play, dream, learn, listen, play and laugh with others who share a passion for Children's Ministry. It is probably the giddy talking because I mentioned play and laugh more than once, but I really like to play and laugh! If you follow Chris Yount Jones' blog you've already been warned!

And before I launch into my giddy over-the-top list of expectations,  I must admit I have a weakness for dreaming dreams that are too idealistic to be real, so I've toned down my list... at least I tried. Besides God has His own expectations and I'm even more giddy anticipating what God's going to do.

My giddy over-the-top expectations for Kidmin 2013 are to....

  • Arrive in Columbus, Ohio early Friday after a safe, on-time, uneventful flight from RDU. 
  • Introduce myself to someone sitting alone on the shuttle from the airport to the Hyatt.  Don't worry, I won't stalk them the entire weekend!  I simply hope they feel welcome and included.
  • See every conference attendee enhance their conference experience with the new Kidmin Conference APP.  I'll be in the registration area Friday AM to help people get started, explore and begin taking advantage of this very user friendly conference tool. 
  • Find, hug and squeal with delight as I spot each one of my Groupie friends. Repeat as often as needed.  Hopefully, my voice and all those around me will survive the mania. 
  • Experience in depth and thought provoking conversation in the Friday afternoon Conversations. I look forward to participating in a conversation about women in Children's Ministry and another on Summer Programs and VBS. 
  • Connect with others who volunteer in Children's Ministry - I can't wait to listen to their stories,  hear how God is using them and watch them make life long connections with others in the Volunteers in Ministry Connect Group lead by my good friend, Debby Albrecht. 
  • Worship with abandon! I tend to be a "high church" worshipper, but when with kids or Kidmin peeps, I like to throw myself into familiar worship songs and learn a few new ones. 
  • Discover new inspiration to renew my commitment to ministry during General sessions and workshops. 
  • Allow God to cleanse me by pointing out areas of weakness or hidden barriers blocking me from effective ministry. It may happen during quiet time alone or in the middle of a General session or workshop, but I know wherever or whenever it happens I will be safe. 
  • Listen and learn from others during the workshops I've already carefully chosen or in the workshops God inspires me to choose at the last minute. 
  • Find time to grab a meal or share a coffee break with old and brand new friends. 
  • Enjoy copious amounts of time playing and laughing. I may join the Groupie VBS team for Zumba at crack-o-dawn, drag myself into the Hyatt gym for some cardio or work those abs by laughing myself silly at a late-night event.  I'm 100% positive I will get lots of laughter in, not so sure about the gym.
  • Be privileged to sit with, listen to, encourage and pray with another Kidmin in need.
  • Others will experience all the above and whatever else God has in store. 

Go Ahead - Google it!