Friday, July 19, 2013

Sign up NOW for Kidmin 2013 Pre-Conference

If you are going to Kidmin 2013, sign up NOW for a Pre-Conference session! 

Consider my personal experience.... 

Participating in the Pre-Conference session on Leadership was the perfect way to kick-start my Kidmin2012 experience.  Usually when arriving at conferences, I feel as if I am in the midst of strangers.  In the past, I felt blessed if I connected with at least one other participant during the entire conference experience. 

The very interactive Kidmin Pre-con session helped me immediately meet and get to know many other participants as our session leader invited us to share our common challenges and best practices. I left the session with tons of ideas, but more importantly I left feeling I was among friends. 

My new friend in ministry, Heather Foxworthy, echoes my endorsement in her own words. 

"KidMin was exactly what I needed.  In case it wasn’t incredibly obvious all over my face, I was so tired and disheartened, feeling like I couldn’t keep fighting an uphill battle.  I feel more focused and back on track now.  I think it just helped knowing that I wasn’t alone, that there were others just like me.  And that others were, and hopefully still are, praying for me.  I have tacked on my office bulletin board the Frisbee with a stranger’s name on it as well as several business cards for whom I pray as a reminder to keep praying from them.  On Saturday night at the conference I took the “Here Alone” button off my lanyard as a symbolic gesture of not feeling alone in the ministry anymore." 

Heather sat at the same table at Pre-conference Session and this young red head from Kodiak Bible Chapel in Alaska was one of my first new connections during my Pre-Conference experience. Months after Kidmin 2012, she emailed to tell me how excited she was to see my picture in Children's Ministry Magazine.  (My mug was under my bi-monthly contribution to CMMag's Discipline Q&A column.)  More importantly, she wanted to tell me she'd shared her Leadership Pre-Conference experience to cast God's vision for children's ministry at her church. 

Heather said I could quote her here on "Free Fallin'" if I promised to ask all my partners in ministry  to pray for Kodiak Bible Chapel's upcoming Vacation Bible School.  Preschool/Kindergarten is July 31-Aug 2 and 1st-6th grade is August 5-9.  Please remember Heather Foxworthy in your prayers that God will use her in a big way! 

I'm also praying you will kick start your Kidmin 2013 experience by signing up for a Pre-Conference session .  As we say in Raleigh, North Carolina, "You'll be glad you did." 

Here's a link to available sessions.

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