Thursday, April 4, 2013

God bless the creative mind of a three year old

This is a true story a friend told me about her three year old daughter at her preschool class Easter Celebration last week.

The Teacher is showing the parents how well the children learned the Easter story using the resurrection eggs. When she opens the empty egg & says the tomb was empty, she then prompts, "So children, Where is Jesus?" After the children all shout as if on cue, "He is Alive!" My friend's daughter adds, "Yeah, Santa Claus took him!"

Mom tells me she was barely able to keep from laughing, because she knew no one taught her daughter any such nonsense and more than likely the cutie made it up on the spot.

I bet the other parents' were probably thanking God she wasn't their child. Wouldn't you?

I pray the teacher was not embarrassed, but according to my friend she was not pleased. Oh my, i thought. What a pity.

All I could think was..... God bless the creative mind of a three year old - the place where fantasy and reality play side by side and mixed in together just as God intended. A little confusion or embellishment at this age is nothing to fret over. In God's time, each will grow to understand fantasy and reality are neither equal nor interchangeable.

Until that happens, God bless parents and teachers who patiently and gently keep on sharing the truth of Jesus...even when Santa Claus gets an unwarranted honorable mention.

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