Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life is too short

An old beach music song "Summertimes Calling Me" by the Catalinas has been looping through my head for a while now.

"Life is too short to worry about the unimportant things..." (Add in your best beach music shuffle here.)

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why it's looping, but I suspect it's because if God can't get something through my thick skull, he can resort to music for my college years to get my attention.

OK, God you've got my attention.  Now, can you do something to make it STOP? I promise I'll do better.  At least, I'll try.

"Dear God,

I'll do my best...

- to let go of hurts, slights and grudges.  Licking my wounds or mentally condemning others to the absence of my favor has NEVER worked well...Ok, never worked at all.

- to shut down my nagging inner voice... you know the one that constantly second guesses, shames and convicts me of every lame comment or move I make. I could use all that energy asking others for forgiveness or fixing my messes. Duh.

- to worry about tomorrow tomorrow.  If I keep that going I can eliminate worry all together.

- to schedule all those doctors' appointments I've put off.  I do realize health IS more important than my abject fear of stepping on the scale. For me, there is never a number on the scale I'm happy with, so what am I waiting for?

- to treat myself to more exercise each week.  (Are you picking up on my attempt to put a real positive spin on this one? Seriously, I alway feel so much better after a good workout.)

- to find a way to be of service rather than look for ways to be served. (Oh, please! I don't have to explain THAT one to You!)

- to live each day with JOY? Oh, why not, Lord?  I am on a roll.  Amen."  

And Amen.

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