Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kidmin 2013 Warning - if you don't want change, don't GO! Part 1

WARNING- If you...

  • don't want change
  • are afraid of change
  • think you don't need to change
  • think the status quo is the way to go...

Kidmin 2013 is not for you. Don't even consider going and do NOT read this post!!! 

Part 1 - God's changes to my Kidmin 2012 plan. 

If you've been following my blog posts, you'll know I had high expectations and big plans for my long weekend at Kidmin 2012.  I was determined to be the student, volunteer a little and connect with my Kidmin kin.  (The links below will take you to my blogposts on the original plan.)

Part 1 - Expectations Still High... 

Part 2 - Expectations Still High..

I went one step further by crafting a plan with a ministry buddy to see Downtown Chicago my first day in town. I was a girl on a mission! No one was going to derail or change my pre-arranged Kidmin 2012 plan.

But looking back, I messed up, friends....

I invited God into the plan, but I did not give him control of the plan... Oh, yeah, I gave lip service to God's plan for me, but in fact, it was MY plan all along.  Clearly, I was at the helm. I was IN control.

Lucky for me, God TOOK control before I ever stepped onto my United flight to Chicago.   And being the fun loving gracious God I've come to adore, HIS changes to my plan not only complimented my original plans, they elevated my plan, far exceeded my expectations and reconnected me to my big dream - the one I had long ago abandoned. (I'll address the dream in Part 2) 

God took control of my plan.

  • My flight plans changed. My air miles to South Africa bumped me to Premiere status. We're talking free checked bag, priority TSA line and priority boarding.  I even scored a free  upgrade to business class with more than ample leg room and my priority bag was the first bag to appear at baggage claim.  What a delight to arrive refreshed and with $25 more in my pocketbook. Thank you, God!
  • Thursday downtown plans fell apart.  I ended up running errands with three kidmin buddies; catching up, cracking on each other, taking a few wrong turns, being silly and laughing until our sides hurt.  Returning to the hotel, we greeted arriving Kidmin friends, helped with a friend's pre-con workshop set up then headed back out for a delicious dinner at a restaurant beside the planned restaurant destination. I enjoyed more meet and greet time before finally falling into my cozy Hyatt Regency king size bed.  For a girl who likes to make a plan and follow the plan, I was delighted with my fly by the seat of my pants day. 
  • My plan was to get the entire Leadership Matters Pre-con experience.  I volunteered to moderate the "Ministry is More Than Sunday AM" conversation but didn't realize it would cut into my Pre-con time.  I was a little bummed, but God ordained the change, so I figured he knew best.  At first I was overwhelmed by the standing room only attendance, but with God's guidance to employ REAL small group and pair shares techniques, the exchange of great ideas and encouragement shared at each table was electric, inspiring and hope filled. I left knowing Kidmin friends and their teams are taking the gospel beyond the Sunday AM experience in creative and innovative ways. What I perceived as a fouled line in the rigging, also connected me to two new Kidmin friends; not just from Raleigh, but from my neck of the woods - NORTH Raleigh. 
  • I had a plan to limit my volunteer time.  I struggle with balancing service and being served, so I signed up to help only in specific areas; promising God I would focus on Him and my own personal development. "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Against my better judgment, I signed up to help a ministry area struggling to cover requests. Yes, it cut into workshop and worship time, but God chose the new volunteer opportunity to reveal Himself to me as a palpable presence. OK - that was not how I planned it! God was supposed to meet me in General session worship. 
  • My plan was to focus on one Deep Track- Spiritual Formation.   Gordon and Becky West, master teachers, loaded the first two sessions with a wealth of resources to illuminate spiritual formation guiding me to new insights and motivating me to commit to further study in the months to come. At the beginning of the first session, I realized the room was filling up quickly and if I gave up my seat one more person could benefit from Becky and Gordon's practical methods for facilitating spiritual transformation, so I left.  I wandered further down the hallway thinking I'd just made a big mistake, (I can be selfish like that...) until I saw the words "Re-invent Yourself..." and God whispered, "There - I want you to go, there."  

As I flopped into a chair at the front of a workshop, I never even considered taking, I told God, "Ok, OK! I get it. My plan WAS my plan, not Your plan, so why don't you just take it from here?" He didn't say anything... He didn't have to... I'd finally surrendered to Him.

 Now, it's about more than changes in my plan, it is was about changing ME...

Kidmin 2012 - Day 1
                                       ...check in tomorrow for Part 2 - God's changes in ME

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