Thursday, October 4, 2012

God's Changes in Me, Part 2- Kidmin 2013 - Warning - If you don't want change, don't GO!

Part 2 - God's Changes in ME.

One of my good friends has a saying, "PEOPLE - DON'T - CHANGE!" 

I used to bristle at his words, but recently I've come to believe his words are true.  People don't change. It used to make me sad, but not any more.  Now, I realize the REAL truth is....

People DON'T Change, but GOD does change people. 

I know this because God has been changing ME since I was a small child; molding me and refining me as a woman of God, a wife, mother and teacher and finally making me into a Children's Minister. Since God took over my life,  I learned one thing I could count on was change either in me or around me. I accepted change as God's will and God's way. 

Then, recently, I pushed back. I told God, " I'm tired of changing for you. It hurts too much! I'm tired, frustrated, and used up. Can't I just be still for a while?" 

I don't know why, but God graciously allowed it. I gratefully put my engine of change into neutral and idled.  I even toyed with the idea of shutting down and leaving Children's Ministry. I wasn't really serious, but for the first time in decades, I entertained the notion. It is hard to share, but it's true. 

Thankfully, my imminent shut down was adverted by God's changes in Me at Kidmin 2012. 

Here's how it started...After leaving my chosen Deeper Track on Spiritual Formation to give someone else a seat, I wandered down the hallway wondering if there was another workshop I might find interesting. Two words on a sign, "Re-inventing Yourself" grabbed my attention. Maybe what I needed was a revision, a do over, a resurrection, so I beelined it to the front table and took a seat. 

In the next few hours the presenter, Jeff Harmon, told the story of Joseph, the dreamer with the coat of many colors, and his life journey of ups and down. He shared how Joseph reinvented himself over and over again until he fulfilled God's plan for his life. Through triumph, betrayal, and set backs Joseph remained faithful to God and never gave up on his dream. 

As I listened, I thought... My life has never been as dramatic as Joseph's, but I too was once a golden child with a dream to serve God as a Children's minister in a local church. I too was betrayed, beat up and tossed aside by those that I thought loved me.  There were times I too was in the pit of despair, but by God's grace I rebounded to serve and find favor in another place.  If I could only remember what I did then to pull myself out of that pit of despair, surely I could repeat it to jog my out of my self-imposed inertia. 

Then I remembered... I studied God's Word. I prayed hours each day pleading He'd explain why He took my dream from me. I wrote my prayers so I could keep track of my growing list of questions, prayer requests and petty grievances.  In time, God worked with me to change me; sooth my soul, pull me up out of the pit and set me on a new path so I could get back to living out my dream... and in the years to follow, I did. 

And if it worked then, It will work now.  I'm going to do it all over again, which will be good for a change.  Right?

Many thanks to Chris Yount Jones and her team at Group for Kidmin 2012. There's no telling what God's going to change with Kidmin 2013.... It might just be YOU!    

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