Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Part 2 - Expectations still high for Kidmin 2012 - just different.

Part 2 - Expectations still high for Kidmin 2012 -  just different. 

What can I tell you?  After such a successful and timely restoration experience at Kidmin 2011, I registered for Kidmin 2012, not even know what I'd be doing or where I'd be in October of 2012.

Within two months after Kidmin 2011, my ministry life took a surprising change with new challenges.  Without a local Ministry position, I was freed up to pour myself into my family, friends and clean my own house. I also discovered more time to serve God outside the boundaries of a local ministry position.
  • I was selected to be a contributor for Children's Ministry Magazine's Discipline Q&A Column. I'm honored to share the column with the more qualified, Anthony Prince and Chris Webb
  • I started this blog.  OK, I might not have a lot of readers, but it made me practice the craft. 
  •  I followed Jesus' call to go to Stellenbosch, South Africa to write curriculum for a global sports ministry. Teaming with my good friend and colleague, Gloria Lee, has been the most stimulating and challenging experience of all. Ubabalo & OneHope, provided the soccer professionals and editors to refine the lessons.
As I got deeper and deeper into the writing process, I realized I not only needed co-writers and editors, I needed to sharpen my skills, examine how kids grow spiritually and learn how to provide experiences to enhance their faith journey.  I was yearning to dive deep into new areas of interest so my work would produce effective lessons to transform, not simply inform children.

Good thing, each year at Kidmin, we are free to create a unique conference experience to meet the new challenges of ministry life.  There's an option for where ever you are, whatever you needs! 

With a totally different focus, I pulled up the Kidmin 2012 brochure on my laptop.  Unlike last year, I wasn't workshop shy.  I was immediately drawn to the Deeper Track on Spiritual Formation lead by Gordon and Becky West. I registered immediately.  It literally jumped out at me like a message from God as a perfect fit for my current challenges.

Here's a God Sighting for ya.  Not only were Becky and Gordon West, the presenters at my first ever Children's Ministry Magazine LIVE, they were the first Children's Ministry teachers I ever had! Yep, I'd been in ministry only a few months and every idea they shared that day was like a nugget of gold.  True story! I'm getting chill bumps just thinking about this little parallel from God reinforcing my choice.  

Diving even deeper, I added a Pre-Conference selection.   I picked Greg Baird's Leadership Matters in Children's Ministry Pre-Conference to sharpen my skills and open myself to new ways to lead effectively. It's a bargain at $59 for a day of great training.

Whew! That's three times more workshop sessions than last year. No one's more surprised than me!  I'm also surprised I'm bringing more energy and focus TO Kidmin 2012 than I gained at Kidmin 2011.

Even with some changes in expectations, I'm STILL looking forward to connecting with my kidmin peeps, worshiping, volunteering and moderating a ministry conversation. I'll have plenty of time for all that between workshops, at meal times, during General sessions, coffee breaks and late night event. I'm like a girl on a mission, or as my girlfriend describes me - a dog with a bone.

So, tell me about YOUR expectations and your plan for Kidmin 2012?

I'm praying your Kidmin2012 experience is exactly what God has planned for you, an experience to equip you and sending you out to continue the work He's already planned for you.

 BTW - Please join us for the "More Than Sunday Morning" Conversation - Friday at 3pm & Sunday during the lunch break.   Come share how God is using you, 24/7!  

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