Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Part 1 - Expectations still high for Kidmin2012 - just different

In less than two weeks, the already "sold out" Kidmin 2012 will begin in Chicago.

Part 1 - Expectations still for Kidmin 2012
                                      ...but vastly different from Kidmin 2011.

Last year, at this time, I was looking forward to Kidmin 2011 for some much needed rest,  restoration and time to seek God through worship. I realized I was  burning my candle, not only at both ends, but fighting heat from all angles.
  • Heat from my friends to spend more time with them. 
  • Heat from my church to attend yet one more meeting. 
  • Heat from my family to "be there" for them.
  • Scorching heat from myself to just be better and everything would be OK

Looking back with a year's perspective, I had no idea the heat was so intense.  NOR, did I know I was in danger of melting away into a total burn out. Not doubt I needed a BREAK and Kidmin 2011 would deliver.  Basically, Christine Yount Jones invitation to come, rest, take a nap, reflect, regroup and re-energize was all I needed to hear. I knew no matter how I felt, I had permission to let God guide me to create my own conference experience.

I also looked forward to connecting; leading a Connect Group, moderating a Ministry conversation panel, volunteering on the IT team and meeting with as many old and new ministry friends as time allowed.  Those kind of activities revive me and inspire me like a good Bible study or Starbucks, or both.  I was anxiously eager to rediscover Jesus in the midst of heart-felt conversations. 

I prayed and prayed, but just couldn't muster up enthusiasm or motivate myself to sign up for the high caliber workshops being offer by the best of the best in Kidmin.  Every time I sat down with the brochure to choose a Deeper Track or pick out some individual workshop or pre-conference workshops, my ADHD and lack of motivation overwhelmed me.  I'd circle a few.  OK, I circled WAY too many only to mark them all out and start again.

BECAUSE Kidmin is a "make your own conference" experience,  Kidmin 2011 met all my expectations.  I sampled a few workshops, but I focused on those things I WANTED and NEEDED to do.

  • I found solidarity through intimate and corporate conversations with some of the most passionate and effective kidmin people I'd ever encountered.  
  • I saw Jesus shining through so many Kidmin participants. Each had their own compelling stories and deep desire to introduce Jesus to children and guide them to love and serve Him. 
  • I found rest in my comfy queen-size bed at the Hyatt.  Not at much as I needed - Those late night events were just too much fun! 
  • I experienced real worship minus the responsibilities of a normal Sunday of ministry responsibilities.  I just wish I'd packed some waterproof mascara. I cried buckets of tears from laughter, awe and pure joy. 

Sure enough, I returned home from my weekend in Chicago refreshed, rested, inspired and focused on Jesus and His children.  

Kidmin 2011 was a God Sighting for me, because only God knew three weeks later He would call me to resign my church position.  Because everything at Kidmin 2011 bolstered my faith in Jesus, I was prepared for a drastic change in my ministry life.  Not only was I open to hear God, I was able to totally depend on and trust Jesus to guide me through a healthy and positive ministry move.

So what about my expectations for Kidmin 2012?

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 ....  This is quite enough for one post. 

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