Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From taking care of busyness to taking of business.

I'm usually a very happy and content individual, as long as I am productive. 

I'm not talking about being busy, for busyness can be the most unproductive activity of all. When I'm taking care of busyness instead of taking care of business, I'm creating something to do as a way to rescue myself from boredom. 

It begins by...

  • Shopping with no specific purchase in mind.
  • Creating projects that require shopping
  • Playing with iPad apps.
  • Checking Facebook and Twitter again and again throughout the day 
  • Reorganizing my unmentionables drawer by refolding and color coordinating the panties by color and style. 
Next thing I know...

  • My mind is a clutter of doubt.
  • I find myself  ruminating over every decision I've made in the past month.  
  • When I DO sleep, I don't rest. I awake the next day feeling I've been hit by a train.
  • I don't do my daily chores until late in the day or not at all.
  • I blog whining posts then erase them before posting.... only time will tell if this post qualifies for publication.... 
Once I realize I'm in a downward spiral, I remind myself I CAN get over myself and....

  • Immediately STOP whining... even if the whining is only in my head.
  • Clean something - better if it's a chore I've been putting off for a while.
  • Pray for forgiveness. For example, "God forgive me for being such a lazy selfish sloth."
  • Pray for specific direction. God created a plan for me, so checking in with him for the next step should be a no brainer. 
  • Get moving - preferably do something so physical it takes total concentration and clears my head so I'm open to hearing God when he directs me. 
  • Drink a tall glass of ice water. Rehydrating really does restore energy. 
It always amazes me how within a few hours, the phone rings, the email or text I've been waiting for arrives and I'm flying through my "to do" list readying myself for an upcoming event.  Before I know it, my mood is lifted because I'm called into service and back into production mode.

Go Ahead - Google it!