Saturday, June 16, 2012

This week last year....

Testing big fish for Jonah Bible Experience
This week last year and the other 15 before that, I was in the throws of the last week of Vacation Bible School preparation.  This year, I am not.  Funny thing, instead of feeling sad about it, I'm simply looking back with a smile.

This week last year would be the second week of sixty plus hours at church partnering with the VBS directors team in behind the scenes preparation for the most vibrant and effective outreach event of the Children's ministry year.

I do not recall ever feeling tired or anxious during that week.  If I did experience those feelings, they were short lived.  No matter what, someone or something would happen to remind me how much I love watching God's church transform into a child's world of wonder. It's hard to be grumpy or entertain fatigue when you know for five days children will DAILY experience God in the most age-appropriate and effective ways imaginable. The anticipation is intoxicating and energizing - some would say spirit fed, but definitely intense.

  • Yes, my legs ached each night. 
  • Dinner was whatever - take out, eat out or left overs.
  • My inbox overflowed daily no matter how many times I checked it.
  • Housework amounted to making the bed and many days even that didn't happen.
  • My office and bedroom closet were indistinguishable from each other - organized chaos gone wrong.  
  • I woke early no need for an alarm clock and slept like a rock.
  • Daily conferences with parents, directors and other volunteers too many to count. 
The week flowed into the weekend. Father's Day celebration was Jersey Mikes with Frank before VBS set up and if I had a chance a phone call to my dad.  Not alone, other VBS directors, volunteers and their family celebrated Father's Day with us putting up sets and decorating the hallways and rooms.

Yeah, it really makes me smile recounting the fun and frenzy of the week before VBS, but this year, this week, this time makes me smile too.

This year, this week, this time will be vastly different.

  • It will be quiet and manageable.  
  • I will travel to Greensboro to celebrate Father's Day with Dad and Frank. 
  • Sunday evening or early Monday morning, I will toss my suitcase in the car and head to the beach for five days with two of my closest friends. 
  • My major concerns will be making sure I pack enough sunscreen and bathing suits.
And just like this week last year, it will all make me smile.

Go Ahead - Google it!