Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm excited about Kidmin 2012 because of Kidmin 2011

Flat Stanley crashing Kidmin 2011
Last October, I attended Kidmin 2011.  It was their first year, so other than the fact it was hosted by Group Publishing, no one knew exactly how it would bless those attending. The planning, prayer and preparation was bathed in prayer and tested every step of the way by actively getting input from Kidmin folks from far and wide, but exactly how would it be received? That was yet to be determined.

Without using a load of trite superlatives, I must say Kidmin 2011 delivered and we who attended received more than we ever imagined.  That's exactly why I'm excited about Kidmin 2012

  • Personally, I think the novel notion of taking your time to refresh and connect with others who "get you" was well received because it was not forced or expected.  I anticipate Kidmin 2012 participants will readily embrace it.  (I know for myself, I plan to balance my gab time and workshop time to make room for both.) 
  • Professionally, as I look at the speakers and workshop leaders list, I'm overwhelmed with choices, but I'm planning to make a bee line to the workshops lead by the speakers I just couldn't fit in last year. (Whew! It's totally going to help me select and prioritize.) 
  • Spiritually, I'm excited to worship with my peers.  Since I stepped out of a Kidmin position, Frank and I have taken a break.  Instead of worrying about finding a church home, I've gotten to worship at my home church with my parents, in a church inside a Township in South Africa, with the Kidmin IT team at Group Publishing headquarters and privately with my toes in the sand thanking God for friends and family. All those experiences were very special to me, but seriously there is NOTHING like worshiping with my Kidmin family... nothing. 
  • Selfishly, I'm kinda excited about the "free stuff".  Thank heavens Southwest doesn't charge for checked bags, cuz my carry on was so stuffed, I decided to check it instead of pulling my arm out of the socket dragging it onto the plane.  
  • Therapeutically, the late night pajama parties, VBS party and other less than serious activities helped me reconnect with a part of my life I had been suppressing.... my carpe' diem.  All who know me would NEVER call me serious, probably more like silly, but all that play spoke deep inside my heart calling me to return home and reorganize my life before it's too late. For now, I'm a carpe' diem novice, but I'm excited to seize every opportunity to play with abandon at Kidmin 2012.  
In 90 days, the second Kidmin 2012 will be.   I'm praying now and until that day,  Kidmin 2012 will be what God wants.

Because I am bold, I dare ask Him to astonish and bless my Kidmin family personally, professionally, spiritually, selfishly and therapeutically. (Me included!)

Go Ahead - Google it!