Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting away

Recently, it dawned on me I've been barreling through my life at a breakneck speed. Even after stepping down from a church ministry position in October, I've been maintaining a busy ministry schedule.  About the time I thought I could take a break, another new opportunity or renewed activity in another ministry project would pop up to monopolize my time and attention.

What can I tell you? I am a self-aware awareness of an obsession is some great step toward wellness.... pa-lease, even I know better! Just the same, I was determined to take this unique time in my life to actually TRY a different life style, specifically focus on my home life lifestyle.  This longing had haunted me for years making me sometimes sad and a few times resentful when ministry obligations kept me away from or distracted during home and family events.

Proof I got away! - Visit with UNC friends
Pine Knolls Shores, NC
For the first time in 14 years, I managed to cobble together a real six week break - at least, I'm hoping it will last that long! I'm determined to use this time to -

1- Slow Down
2-Focus on domestic tasks
3-Travel with family

It's surely a short list, but it's probably going to be the most daunting task I'll undertake.

Go Ahead - Google it!