Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kidmin 2012 - Psst! I'll let you in on its secret

Kidmin 2012 ReGroup Family Portrait 

Psst!  I'll let you in on a secret about Kidmin 2012.

And you can trust me this secret is fact because I just returned from the Kidmin ReGroup at Group Publishing where we took all our ministry conference dreams and put them into the Kidmin 2012 design.

Here's the secret. You can keep it to yourself or you can share it with every Kidmin person you know and love. It's totally up to you.

Kidmin 2012 might look, sound and read like a conference, but it's going to feel like a Family Reunion.

We might as well call it, the Kidmin 2012 Family Reunion and this is why.

  • It will be a gathering of people with a singular connection - each participant, workshop leader and keynote speaker is passionate about ministry to, with and for children.
  • Those who attend will be surrounded by people they've know for a long time as well as people they've only heard stories about, but never got to meet face to face. You know - like your siblings and that second cousin first removed you've only met on Facebook that's always up to something amazing. 
  • They will be plenty of special activities and events to keep everyone engaged, but no one's going to mind if people just hang out, connect and reconnect or get to know each other. It's all about being together and learning from each other. Kinda like discovering juicy family secrets, but these secrets are good ones meant to be shared.  
  • It will be a celebration with great music and worship time. But the music will be much better than Uncle Fred's acoustic guitar and off-key tenor.  Check it out...
  • It is being planned by people who "get it"! Matter of fact, every person at Kidmin ReGroup is an active Kidmins who took time out of their busy ministry life to gather and plan for Kidmin 2012. They might as well be family, because they know Kidmin life, challenges, what makes them unique and what makes 'um tick... and blow up, too! Like a family reunion, they plan around likes and dislikes...It just wouldn't be right NOT without Grandma's banana pudding (YUM!)or with unsweet ice tea. (YUK! ) 
  • The planning is a labor of love! ReGroup Kidmins divided up the planning task and focused on their individual ministry passion... Service, Connections, Prayer, etc. to make sure everything, and I mean everything, points us to Jesus, the REAL head of this family, the object of our love and our raison d'être. 
That's enough bullet points for now.  I think you get the picture, so consider this your invitation to join us

Speaking of pictures, I'm thinking we're going to need a really tall ladder and a 360 lens to take the Kidmin 2012 Family Portrait!

Go Ahead - Google it!