Monday, March 26, 2012

I know who you are and what you did...

The hackers hit my parents' again this past week. I took my dad to the bank and helped him open all new accounts... again. He handled it well, but it was stressful for him, very stressful.

The bank actually stopped the attempted transfer, but this time the thieves left a telltale clue to their identity.  Both of these transactions were bank transfers from my parents' accounts to someone with an account with the same bank.  Right there in black and white, was the stinking piece of slime's name within the coding for the transfer! Just so happens, the account is identified by first and last name.

The original fraudulent transfer showed only a first initial and last name, which would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  But armed with a full name and nothing more, I had enough information to track down the perps.

Yep, I read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and watched a few news shows on internet fraud. I got skills and a laptop! Boo yah! 

With nothing more than a name, I was ready to go all CSI on the persons who caused my parent's trauma and possible caused my Dad's stroke.  I know it was a long shot, but it was something. I really needed to DO something - no matter how futile or lame it might seem.

I simply Google searched the first name/last name of the second thief and found a few  Facebook pages.  Low and behold, I finally found one of the Facebook persons, and only one, has a friend with the EXACT name (First initial, last name) of the first thief.

With a few strokes of the keyboard, I've now seen both their faces, know their hobbies and what they do for a living. (while they aren't stealing from senior citizens)

How scary is that?  I've SEEN the faces of the evil perpetrated against my parents.  Or at least, I'm 99% sure it's them. There is 1% doubt, so I can't be 100% sure.

What to do? What to DO? I thought about sending them a message, "I know who you are and what you did.", but I don't want to tip them off.  I want the bank to track them down and press charges, NOT alert them that we are on their trail.   But more importantly, it's not my place to go any further.  Its that 1% chance they are 100% innocent that stops me.

But I CAN pray the authorities are already miles ahead in their pursuit and justice WILL be done.  I could also pray for their repentance and redemption and forgive them.  I wish I could, but I've gotta be honest here.  I've been forced to stand by and watch how their actions have significantly hurt my parents.  I want them severely punished!

I guess I do feel a bit of pity for them. From what they've shared on Facebook, their lives are already pretty pathetic - sad is more like it. I guess I should be able to muster a little more compassion, but I'd be lying. I'm still angry, very angry.

I know if these two ARE caught their punishment will not satisfy my anger or restore my father to full health.  Only God will provide those gifts in his time.  I thank him for that every day!

The best I can do right now is promise I'll pray for their salvation, but I'm also going to pray they are caught, even if all that happens is they spend a few hours in jail, get out on bail, face trial, are sentenced, then miraculously get out with time served.

What would you do?

Go Ahead - Google it!