Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips for wasting an entire day.

I am really good at lots of things, but over the years, I've become proficient at wasting an entire day.

Not all the time... just the times I really need a change of pace... or more accurately, no pace at all.  You may not realize this, but wasting a day is a great way to unwind after a month of full calendar weekdays and weekends.  Matter of fact, I find it very therapeutic and re-energizing.  I highly recommend it!

If you too would like to become an expert at wasting an entire day, then I have some really effective methods and easy tips for you.

  1. Do NOT take a shower immediately after waking. Bad idea! It makes you too alert and focused.  You'll NEVER pull off a wasted day if you start out clean! 
  2. Do NOT get dressed.  Staying in your pajamas all day is genius!  If you get the notion to leave the house, it will create a hurdle to overcome. Hurdles aid procrastination.  Procrastination is your friend, friend. 
  3. Do NOT make the bed. Nothing says productive like a tidy bedroom. Leave it a wreck for real wasted day insurance.
  4. Make a large pot of coffee.  Surely, you want to have a second and third cup when it's fresh.  Who wants to waste good java? Stay home and enjoy! It will be noon before that third cup gets cold.  And cold coffee are the base for great afternoon cold coffee treats and without going out to Starbucks. See wasn't that helpful? 
  5. Check email and Facebook posts early and often.  That will take up hours of time and you won't know the day is over until the sun starts going down.
  6. Turn on the TV as you prepare breakfast and don't turn it off.  Keep the channel on the Today Show. When Hoda and Kathy Lee say goodbye, find a movie.  After lunch, find a cooking show. Be sure to find a great History channel series of interest mid afternoon to distract you until dinner time. 
  7. Make a list of places you need to go, but try to eliminate leaving the house by purchasing stuff on Amazon or online websites.  Be sure to compare prices on several search sites, that wastes tons of time. Besides, your time can't be as valuable as a 10% savings!  
  8. If you are feeling tempted to be productive, call a customer service department to address an account issue. They will waste your time FOR you! All you have to do is survive the mind numbing music the play while you are on hold. 
  9. Start watching a TV series on DVD or Netflix.  If it's a good series, you know you can never watch just one episode.... or one season! 
  10. For REAL crafty and professional day wasters, do this.  One hour before dinner, prep the meal, then get going double-time. Run make the bed. Throw a load of laundry in the washer. Take a lightening quick shower. Stash the jammies in the hamper and throw on jeans and a t-shirt. Check on dinner. Set the table.  Finish dinner prep and it's as if the day didn't disappear after all. 
OR  you CAN choose to be productive.  

In that case, get out of bed and right into the shower.  The rest just follows naturally.  

Go Ahead - Google it!