Thursday, February 9, 2012

DO NOT THROW STONES...from the trivial to the real

This morning, I awoke a tad disappointed over last night's Duke - Carolina game.  Last night and this morning, I enjoyed a little tongue-in-cheek trash talking about "Dook" all in good sport.  I also continued my resolve to defend the honor and value of a future NBA work horse Tyler Zeller who last night, horror of horrors, unintentionally made two points for Duke while defending the goal. This morning, I had intended to use the above photo "DO NOT THROW STONES" to make my point for Tyler, but God intervened changing my focus from the trivial to the real!

Let me explain.

God did not skip a beat to put me and my little trauma drama in its place. As I began drafting this post, I heard the blip of an incoming email. There, by God's grace, I found two emails.

One from a new OneHope friend here in the US consoling me over last night's loss and letting me know he would be visiting Duke tomorrow. (Traitor, I thought.) I immediately clicked out a pithy reply with just the right amount of trash talk and hit SEND.

The second email was from John Yip of Ubabalo & Hope Through Sports in South Africa updating me on his travels and the work that continues.  He included a link to a report on his recent meeting in the Sudan.

I WAS going to save the link to read later.

Seriously, I had a "DO NOT THROW STONES" post to finish, but God intervened compelling me to click on the link and read John's report.  In reading, I realized I am here safe and sound fretting over trivial matters , but the real work for God and His world continues. Suddenly, it hit me.  I was indignant others are "throwing stones" at Tyler Zeller, but in the REAL world... in Sudan... it's not trivial stones flying, but deadly machetes and people are dying!

John's post put everything into perspective.

Please follow this link Ubabalo work in Sudan to see how God continues to use Ubabalo Whole Life Sports coaching movement to share God's hope where hope is absent by raising up Godly fathers to the fatherless for perpetrating and those suffering the atrocities in Sudan.

(Please, go now! I'll wait while you read the link then return to this post.)

DO NOT THROW STONES is a huge part of the Gospel message and movement  Jesus started and the whole world needs. Maybe, if through the loving power of God, the Father, we can teach the young of this world to drop the stones and taunting words of trivial rivalries, we can extinguish the deep seeded hatred that fuels senseless killings and other atrocities in Sudan and the rest of this world.

Yah, it was an Epiphany! Did you,too, make that connection?

Go Ahead - Google it!