Monday, January 23, 2012

The blessing of being flexible is hot chocolate.

London -  January 22nd, 2:40pm - I’m basically too cheap to purchase Wi-Fi during my layover, so this will probably post once I arrive in Cape Town. 

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll note my location and date stamp might appear to be a mistake.  As United originally planned, I was going to make a connection in Frankfurt, Germany.  However, with weather delays, United Airlines took it upon itself to switch my flights routing me through London – Heathrow then on to Cape Town on South African Airlines.
As I was mentally readjusting, I immediately thought of a widely used mission trip motto “Blessed are the flexible for they will not get bent out of shape.” I took a deep breathe and prayed for the best.
Instead of “getting bent out of shape”, I decided to smile at the frustrated gate agent trying to get my luggage and tickets sorted out.  In polite and mutually encouraging conversation I found out she was going to miss her sister’s 50th birthday bash because she had to stay in Raleigh overnight due to the weather.  In comparison, I felt blessed that I was actually going to make it to my destination on time.  
Still I would miss my day in Frankfurt with Gloria.  Rats!  I would also miss flying the last leg with her.  Double rats! I don’t know if this was God’s plan, but the little Baptist girl in me did wonder if enjoying a proper cup of tea alone could be His preference over a glass of German beer with my buddy. (Seriously, I feel strongly God is not anti-brewski, so I’m looking forward to that glass on the return trip.)  Again, I’m bending and staying loose.
So, about that proper cup of tea? Well, I will more than likely buy a box of stout and strong Earl Grey at the Duty Free shop to take and share in SA.  Yum!
Instead, I treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate….the most decadent cup of hot chocolate I’ve EVER tasted!  After the first taste of this confection, I decided to savor the dark, lush, velvety and only slightly sweet nectar spoonful by spoonful. I do believe we had a moment together.  Suffice it to say I will NEVER drink another cup of Swiss Miss and I will not rest until I recreate this elixir when I return to the states.  Heavenly!  I think I’m finally convinced that dark chocolate is one of God’s most indulgent creations.
Today, the blessing of being flexible was hot chocolate.

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