Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yes! Highland, again!

Way back in 1999, God lead me to a church named Highland United Methodist Church and as the people and the ministry grew on Frank and I, I remember praying, "God never ask me to leave Highland".  Frankly, I kinda banked on it as a done deal and was quite shocked when He DID ask me to leave after eight wonderful years of ministry there.

Highland UMC had become our spiritual home and family.  I was determined to obey, but it wasn't easy.  During the months after leaving, to chase away the pain I'd admonish myself how arrogant I was to make such a prayer request!

Highland or not, I'm in ministry... one goes where God sends.

Not long after that, I accepted a position at Highland Baptist Church and realized my prayer WAS being honored.  I loved to tell people, I guess I had neglected to make my prayer specific.  Of course, I grew to love the people of Highland Baptist as much as those at Highland UMC.  In time, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

So when God asked me to leave Highland Baptist this past October, I was not as shocked. I figured I'd ridden the "Highland" theme long enough. The life span of my "Highland" days WERE finite and ministry life must go on.

Highland or not, I'm in ministry... one goes where God sends.

Cape Hope, South Africa
For Christmas my husband Frank gave me a couple of travel guides so I could learn a little bit about South Africa before I leave the US.  It's more my style to learn about a place while I'm there, but that's not always helpful when traveling abroad, so those books are coming in quite handy in that respect. 

But I had no idea those books would be yet another key to God's assurance that in going half way around the world, I'm going to be exactly where I know in my heart I'm supposed to be. I discovered the town of Stellenbosch is not only the second oldest city in South Africa, but it is located in the Boland... ....translation...  "Highland" area.  

Now my heart is singing praises to God, "YES! Highland, again!" 

I KNOW!  Don't you just love how God has a sense of humor, irony and symmetry? 

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