Monday, December 5, 2011

Three little letters changed my life....

I wrote this in 2004 and the words inspire me today. 

 Hearing three little letters was all it took to convince me that God was calling me to join the 2004 Highland Guyana Mission Work Team.

Many years before, my husband was the pharmacist on a medical mission team to Mexico. His eyes would sparkle as he told me about the bright faces and joyful laughter of children that accompanied their mothers to the clinic each day.  He said he wished I had been there to see them.  I just laughed and told him that I didn't have any special skills.  I was just a Children's Minister with no medical training and I couldn't speak Spanish.  "What good would I be on a international mission team?"  He would just smile and say, "You needed to be there to play with the children. Let them see Christ in you!  Isn't that enough?"

Eight years later, I found myself sitting beside my husband in a meeting to find out more about Highland's first mission trip to Guyana, South America.  As our pastor and veteran UMVIM team leader, Jim Lee, shared his stories of past teams' building projects, I figured that I could hammer, paint and haul sand with the best of them. When he spoke of the poverty and lack of resources, I realized I had plenty and ought to share. 

Then he mentioned those three little letters, V - B - S.  My husband turned to me with a knowing smile and I knew God was calling me to serve the children of Guyana.
Interactive Bible stories - a new concept for these kids

From that moment on, there was no looking back.  In a few short weeks, our team planned and packed three days of Vacation Bible School and 200 school kits along with our work gloves and construction tools and headed to Guyana.

Serving with the ladies of Guyana

Along side my husband, my team members and our Guyana friends,  I hauled, spread and tamped sand to build a concrete floor for Ebenezer Methodist Church in Sister's Village outside of Georgetown, Guyana. We worked from early morning until mid-afternoon, then changed t-shirts and lead Vacation Bible School for the rest of the afternoon - got up the next day and did it again.  With simple tools, a lot of elbow grease and a simple Gospel message, I watched lives transform.  

One of those lives was mine. I can't wait to return in 2005 to continue the transformations."

The 2005 Guyana Team
I did return in 2005, but my international mission work has been on hold for the past five years  - even though my new church gave me a week of extra vacation so I could serve on an international mission team.  Ironically, God had different plans and limited my  work to the US.  

Now God is calling me to venture out again, both geographically and spiritually, using skills I thought would only be needed here in the states.  I'm going to South Africa to prepare and write materials others can use in the mission field. 

This reminds me God will take care of my needs for support.
And this time, it wasn't three letters that made the difference. It was three words from a dear friend -"Go with me."  Wow! 

Go Ahead - Google it!