Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preparing - Everything is possible with God!

For weeks, I've been preparing for the upcoming trip to South Africa to write  with Ubabalo and OneHope Partnership Team.  Part of the process was to wrap my head around the project.  I think I'm going to be working on that one through out the entire process, but I've got a much better grasp of what God's asking me to accomplish in South Africa.

Another part is to prepare my heart.  Again, that will be an ongoing process where I will need MAJOR prayer support to keep me strong.

The big part, and for me, the scariest part, is raising the funds needed provide for the journey. I've been on International Mission Teams but was always blessed to pay for my expenses.  This time I needed to involve others by asking them to become a financial partner in my journey.  Prayer, Bible study and the counsel of Gloria, my partner in this project and journey, helped me admit my pride and selfishness and get past that emotional hurdle.

This past week, I got down to business and finally prepared my prayer and financial partners request letter.  It took me an entire day to create, write and edit it, but by day's end, it was exactly what I wanted and need to say, so I am thankful. I'm almost ready to print, prep and mail.

Thanks to John Yip in South Africa, Gloria and  I are working through the last hurdle...helping financial partners be able to make their financial partnership donations tax deductible. As soon as I get those final directions and details, I can send out those letters. God willing, they should be in email and mailboxes by late next week.  I've dedicated Monday to the finalization of that project.

Early in the coming week, I anticipate I will be purchasing airfare for the trip. Please pray that the prices will stay in the range of reasonable.  Also, pray specifically my partner Gloria and I can arrange our itinerary so our first leg puts us in the same city and together on the flights to Cape Town. Right now, we're hoping to meet in Chicago, NY or DC without a long layover. It looks like for the rest of the journey, we will touch us down in Paris and Amsterdam, then on to Cape Town.

Whew! I'm still finding it difficult, some days impossible, to imagine all of this is going to come together. I continue to prepare my heart, giving this all to God.

I understand I can only prepare so much on my own for much of this is impossible for me.  I am continually reminded... "Everything is possible with God! Mark 10:27" Partly, because that's this summer's Big Sky VBS's theme & key verse. Partly because it's the ONLY verse that happens to be in my refrigerator staring at me every day. Or maybe it's ALL because of this trip, God's placing these specific powerful words in my face, my head and my heart! I don't know, but those words are propelling me forward!

Jesus assured us of God's promise when he proclaimed.  "Everything is possible with God!" Mark 10:27.  I don't know what impossible things YOU are going through today or in the weeks and months to come, but I invite YOU to share those with me, so I in turn can pray for you!

Email me or post your prayer request as a comment below.  I'm going to be on my knees a lot in the coming days, so I'd be MORE than honored to pray for you!

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