Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm asking for your support!

Had a wonderful long conversation with my friend Gloria Lee about an upcoming volunteer ministry opportunity. After Gloria filled me in on the mission details, I knew in my heart God is telling me to shed my pride and ask others to help me with financial support to be a part of this world changing project and I need to stop agonizing and simply ASK!  God willing, I fly out January 20, 2012.  Whew!  

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of traveling halfway across the world to Stellenbosch, South Africa to write and edit sports and life coaching curriculum to win the world for Christ. The project is a partnership between Ubalalo and OneHope.

Here's the project-

Gloria and I will participate in a writing workshop January 25-27 in Stellenbosch, South Africa to write 4 Ubalalo Scripture Engagement products (in English), and help lay out a 5 year partnering plan between Ubalalo and OneHope. The products we will write are: 
  • A 32-page full colour Ubabalo handbook for Trainers 
  • A 32-page full colour handbook for Coaches
  • A 32-page full colour handbook for Young Players 
  • An Interactive DVD that will contain all other Ubabalo content useful for the Trainer & Coach.

Due to Ubalalo's global expansion over the past few years, the content is already written, so the writing workshop will shape and condense the content into the 32-page format making sure each product presents the Gospel message.  

I now know God's been preparing me to do this all along.  With masters in Curriculum Instruction and 15 years writing, editing and training others to teach the Gospel to children, I'm specifically equipped and ready for the task.  Matter of fact, a few years ago, our Vacation Bible School participated in the initial project by sending special color coded soccer balls with the original Gospel based coaching lessons. I've actually utilized the soccer balls and teaching materials on a mission trip to Tennessee. 

Gloria Lee, my dear friend in ministry on the West Coast, was on the mission team to distribute the soccer balls gathered by VBS's across the US and met with the leaders of Ubalalo and OneHope while in South Africa. She was taken by the global impact of this all volunteer ministry and offered to volunteer as a writer. When Gloria received a call asking her to invite a co-writer she immediately thought of me.  After much prayer, I see this is exactly what God had planned for me all along. 

Follow this link to Learn more about OneHope

 Follow this link to  Learn more about Ubalalo

I'm asking for your support!  Pray for me as I begin the process of asking for financial support and prayer support.  Time is of the essence, so I must work quickly.  I know I need God's guidance but most of all I need to place this all in His hands.  Pray for wisdom, courage and a humble spirit as I proceed.

And if you feel called to support me, financially, spiritually or with words of advise and encouragement, please email me... 

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