Saturday, December 24, 2011

God's gonna have His way!

Today is Christmas Eve, so if you are reading this today you are either procrastinating or you are done with your holiday preparations early.  If the first, log out - time is of the essence & you've got stuff to Do, friend.  If the second, log-out and enjoy some face time with someone you love. As for me, this will be a quick post, so I can finish my preparations for a house full tomorrow afternoon.

So tomorrow is officially Christmas, but it's been Christmas every day this week as I opened the mail box or email inbox.  I just HAD to stop and say..... 

I realize now that no matter WHAT, God's gonna have His way. At least that's the case when you hand yourself over to Him and let go.  That's what I've been attempting to do for quite a while and I must say, He's getting His way with my life.  The support from friends and family has been pouring in.  The promise of prayers and financial support are precious to me and evidence this South Africa thing is gonna happen... just as He planned.

I think I'm beginning to have a glimpse of what Mary might have felt on this very night long, long ago.

 "This is gonna happen!" she must have thought as she labored. "God's gonna have His way in my life through this child and I will be blessed. "

But months before that night Mary responded to God's plan for her life and her own words echo in my heart.

"My soul magnifies the Lord."

Merry Christmas! Go and be blessed.

Go Ahead - Google it!