Friday, November 25, 2011

Granny's Tea cakes - it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

I discovered yesterday while visiting with my family at my mom's house that my sons are not the only ones interested in the Burney Family Recipes page.  My brother and his wife were already planning to try Recipe # 1 - Crock Pot Mac 'N Cheese and are eager to know what recipes I would be posting in the future.  While Mom was putting the final touches on our Thanksgiving meal, their recipes requests helped me create a mental list of future additions to The Burney Family Recipe Page, so stayed tuned for more special request Recipes.

But first things first.... in honor of the first day of our Christmas season and Black Friday, I present to you a recipe handed down from Granny (my Dad's mom) shared with close family friends and actually served at my niece Lauren's wedding.

It wouldn't be Christmas without them! 

Recipe #2 - Granny's Tea Cakes  - click on the Burney Family Recipe Page tab above.

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