Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Scwutternut Bosh" or Roasted Butternut squash

I'm encouraged by all the people who've Facebook messaged or emailed to say they tried Recipe #1 Crock Pot Mac 'N Cheese and loved it. Who WOULDN'T love a cheesy, fat laiden savory custard?  I've been feeling a tad guilty I'm leading readers down the path to weight gain, so today I present a low fat, nutrient rich vegetable dish we call "Scwutternut Bosh" .

Brandi Ledesma-Burney came up with the funky name for our version of roasted butternut squash. We first enjoyed it at Lupa, a Mario Batali restaurant, in New York we go to every time we visit Brandi and Chris. It was soooo good I came home and researched and tested until I came up with a reasonable copy. Brandi requests "Scwutternut Bosh" every time she comes home. I've served it to friends who swear they detest winter squash and end up requesting the recipe.  Click on the Burney Family Recipe Page for Recipe #4.....

Go Ahead - Google it!