Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learning from the ups and downs

This morning's workout was fraught with many ups and downs.  Usually I go through my workout, pacing myself but working hard making it through a full hour without incident.  Periodically, I spend the second half of the hour, alternately feeling strong, then faint, so I have to take little breaks in between sets to allow my body to recover.

Before you think I'm an out of shape wimp or a heart attack waiting to happen, I need to tell you these episodes are a result of low blood pressure. The condition runs in my family and I've learned to live with the ups and downs it causes. I am careful and safe, but I keep going knowing no matter what I WILL rebound to normal... or my version of normal.

Today was another one of those ups and down workouts, but with a twist.  While doing simple side shuffles up and down the gym floor, I didn't faint, I tripped on my own feet.  I fell, but being an experienced klutz, I actually rolled down, then bounced back up like a shot to finish the set.  I recovered, or should I say covered, so quickly Joani, who'd had her head turned for a second, almost missed it.

I laughed it off and was really kinda proud I'd simply fallen, not fainted. Joani didn't think it was funny at all. After reprimanding me for going too fast, she gave me a review of proper form before moving on to the next exercise.

So why am I sharing the example of klutz and embarrassment?   Because I do this all the time in other areas of my life.  Instead of learning from my falls, I'd rather quickly rebound and laugh it off than stop and learn from my ups and down.

Today, my aerobic incident got me thinking about how much more evolved and effective I would be if, like Joani did in the gym, I'd take my falls seriously, use them as chance to learn by correcting my "form" before moving on to the next thing.

Oh yeah, I will still laugh, because I don't think I should take myself too seriously, but I won't stop there...

Instead of flippantly laughing things off, I will take more time to evaluate WHY I fell, HOW I successfully rebounded, then brainstorm WHAT I could do in the future to prevent the fall in the first place.   I know I'll always have ups and downs, but if I discipline myself to learn from them, maybe I could stop repeating the same ones over and over again.

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