Monday, November 21, 2011

Deception - the acceptable sin?

While riding the shuttle bus to the basketball game, I was becoming rather annoyed because the driver had taken the longest route imaginable. A usual 10 minute ride became a 25 minute ride, so I logged into Facebook to pass the time.  Little did I know, God intended to use that time to His advantage.  I came across a friend's blog post and ended up being challenged and convicted by the words of a Children's Ministry colleague and Bible scholar, Andy Johnson.   It was all about deception.  I couldn't add another word to his lesson, so please read it for yourself.

I said I wasn't going to add another word, but you knew I would comment, so...  

As I read, I saw my own recent sin of deception illuminated.  Basically, God threw it up in my face and I don't know what to do about it!  I'm in collusion in a planned, deliberate deception I helped create.  Despite my own conscience, I allowed myself to rationalize the agreed upon deception for "the greater good" crafting an acceptable sin to avoid the fallout truth would bring. Worst of all.... I gave my word.  

I can't go back on my word by speaking the truth, but I CAN keep my mouth shut. I can refuse to say anything.  The truth really is a private matter. That's been working so far, but If I'm honest with myself I'd realize saying nothing is also deception.  

So folks, what can I do?  If you are in ministry and read between the lines, you probably figured out exactly what I've done.  

As Andy described it, I'm pretty saturated... soaking in the deception...praying God will show me a way to pull myself out.  What do I do about my "acceptable sin"? 

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