Friday, October 28, 2011

Pray. Sleep. Eat. Work out.

Met with my loving, yet tough, personal trainer Joni yesterday.  She always seems to have the right words of encouragement or rebuke to gently, yet effectively, challenge me body and spirit.  
Yesterday, Joni shared some truths her physician had shared with her to help lose those last pesky 10 pounds and/or hedge that creeping weigh gain we all tend to experience as we age. 
As she shared, I realized she was sharing truths I already knew, but in times of stress and change.. well... they are the very things I neglect or let slide. 
Get eight or more hours of sleep a day.  The body needs more sleep that we allow it. When we deprive the body of sleep it stresses the adrenal system which regulates the thyroid causing weight gain, and I guess for some lucky “so and so’s” - weight loss.  
Graze on healthy foods throughout the day.  Eat small snacks and meals throughout the day. Choose lean meats, fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Do not fast or binge... both suppress your metabolism and burn fewer calories. 
Add session to your weekly weight training routine.  Add extra sessions of weigh bearing exercise, NOT more cardio, to your weekly routine.  Yes, cardio burns calories, but weigh training burns calories for hours after each session.  So when under stress, it must mean that fight is more productive than flight? Hum? So, fighting, punching, kicking IS good.  Running for your life is not going to make a difference.  (OK, that analogy makes good sense to ME because I HATE running and would rather stand and duke it out. If you don’t get that analogy, then simply add some weigh training to your running plan.)
plan is straightforward and simple to remember.  
Work out.
And it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, Joni would agree to add prayer to that list. Matter of fact, Joni would agree it’s a given.
Now, tis time I put this plan into action... or since it’s not really new news to me, it’s time to put it into re-action. 
Pray. Sleep. Eat. Work out.  

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